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Local Companies

(212) 941-0011
430 West Broadway, #2A
New York, NY
Yoga, Women's Health, Weight Management, Supplements, Osteopathic/Manipulation, Obstetrics, Nutrition, Healthy Aging, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Bio-identical HRT, Anthroposophic Medicine
Membership Organizations
American Holistic Medical Association

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Kosher Vitamins
(718) 686-6112
5203 13 Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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(800) 439-5506
322 7th Avenue
New York, NY

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Liquid Zeolite Company Inc
Web Only
549 Pompton Ave SUITE 152
Cedar Grove, NJ

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May Debra L Dr
(718) 987-5454
157 Clawson St
Staten Island, NY
Live Live & Organic
(212) 505-5504
261 East 10th Street
New York, NY

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Tony's Country Life Health Food Supermarket
(718) 789-2040
1316 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY

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Health Food Mart, Inc.
(973) 467-0525
770 Morris Turnpike
Short Hills, NJ

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Hylan Medicine Cabinet
(718) 667-4300
1988 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY
Pathmark of Amboy Rd
(718) 227-0667
3501 Amboy Rd
Staten Island, NY
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Lemole Pharmacy
(718) 351-0475
31 New Dorp Plz
Staten Island, NY
Duane Reade Drugs
(718) 980-3486
2107 Richmond Rd
Staten Island, NY
(718) 979-3393
2424 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY
Costco Pharmacy
(718) 982-5147
2975 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY
Cvs Pharmacy
(718) 370-0365
2465 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY
Cvs Pharmacy
(718) 987-9727
123 Mill Rd
Staten Island, NY
Duane Reade Drugs
(718) 351-6952
2145 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY
Thriftway Pharmacy
(718) 987-0700
2728 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY
Cvs Pharmacy
(718) 761-2900
1654 Richmond Ave
Staten Island, NY
Cvs Pharmacy
(718) 761-5506
778A Manor Rd
Staten Island, NY
Opinion Corner
People in New York shared their opinions about Personal Fitness
How important is fitness to your quality of life?
Very unimportant: 1%
Unimportant: 6%
Neutral: 28%
Important: 31%
Very important: 32%
How often do you exercise?
Never: 4%
Rarely: 20%
Once a week: 18%
2-4 times per week: 37%
Almost everyday: 19%
What is your primary challenge keeping you from exercising?
No interest: 41%
Cost: 16%
Time: 16%
No motivation: 25%
No gym nearby: 0%
Other: 0%
What is your primary reason for exercising or working towards fitness goals?
Family history of medical conditions: 2%
Want to look better / toned: 35%
Weight-loss: 22%
Increase energy: 3%
Recover from injuries: 2%
Manage an existing medical condition: 5%
Relieve stress: 6%
Build muscle: 6%
Improve athletic performance: 8%
Encourage another person (kids, spouse, friend): 2%
Other: 2%
Where/how do you workout?
Home: 36%
Work gym: 5%
Commercial gym: 24%
Recreation center gym: 4%
Outside: 19%
Specific fitness class (zumba, pilates, kick boxing, etc): 6%
Other: 3%
What type of exercise do you enjoy most?
Strength or weight training: 27%
Spinning: 4%
Dance: 10%
Jogging or running: 21%
Walking: 18%
Kickboxing: 0%
Pilates: 1%
Yoga: 3%
Elliptical training: 4%
Body sculpt class: 1%
Other: 6%
Where do you go for education on fitness and dieting?(Select all that apply)
Trainer: 11%
Friends: 23%
Books: 16%
Online / ebooks: 57%
Dietician: 6%
Other: 8%
No current source : 15%